Experiencing Life’s Journey Together - A Couple’s Story

Bryan & Cody's Story

December 10, 2015

I recently visited The Plastic Surgery Group as I was experiencing an intense and prolonged pain in my left wrist. I currently live in Dallas and was referred by family and friends. When it comes to this type of pain, I wanted to make sure I did not succumb to the horror stories you read about online and only see a truly trusted and respected MD. The doctor and staff were absolutely great in assessing my condition. They were very thorough during my initial visit and seemed to truly care even though there was not an immediate diagnosis as to the cause of my pain. He and his staff continued to stay in contact from afar and upon my follow-up consultation, prescribed a treatment and plan to relieve my pain. It's been months since my follow-up consultation and my condition is 100% relieved. I would highly recommend The Plastic Surgery Group to anyone needing hand consultation and treatment.


After experiencing pain and numbness in my left hand for over six months, I finally decided to have it checked out at the Hayes Hand Center. The staff were so cheerful and welcoming – making me feel like I was the only patient they had to see that day. The doctor spent a significant amount of time examining my hand and asking me questions before giving me a diagnosis - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. He suggested a steroid injection to relieve the pain instead of jumping straight to surgery. Bingo! I received pain relief for months and was able to continue my active lifestyle without missing a beat. Eventually I will have the Carpal Tunnel Release procedure, but The Plastic Surgery Group’s patient-centered approach allows me to continue pain free until the procedure fits in my schedule. I wish I had decided to make the appointment sooner!