Back in the Kitchen

"I have my hands back!" -Deborah's Story

August 9, 2016

It was about one year into my first job out of culinary school.  My hands were hurting and going numb at night… while I was sleeping.  The doctor said “carpal tunnel” and gave me some braces.  Early on the braces worked some.  I made dietary changes and that would work some.  After more than 15 years, I was tired.  Tired of not sleeping and tired of being in the middle of chopping mirepoix for a soup and my hands hurting and going numb.  Tired of not being able to pull weeds and grip the brakes on my bicycle for fear my hands would keep me up all night.  I finally had carpal tunnel surgery.  You cannot even see the scars on my hands.  After my surgery, I wondered what I could and could not do.  Dr. Kennedy said “if you can stand the pain then you can do it.” I needed to get back in the kitchen… to work.  It was a rough first few weeks, but I took his advice.  My hands are back!  I hand wrote this testimonial and my hands didn’t go numb!  I am beyond thankful for Dr. Kennedy and the Plastic Surgery Group and Hayes Hand Center!

-Chef Debo