Dr. Boyd

Brandon Boyd MDMy special interests include hand and upper extremity trauma, arthritis of the wrist and hand, nerve compression and nerve injuries, as well as arthroscopy of the wrist and hand. Brandon Boyd, MD was born and raised in Morristown, TN. He graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville summa cum laude. He subsequently completed medical […]

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Hayes Hand Center was founded in 1981 by Dr. Cauley Hayes, who recognized that there was an increasing number of hand patients being seen in the offices of RefinedLooks Plastic Surgery and felt that these patients would be best managed in a center dedicated solely to the treatment of diseases and injuries of the hand. […]

Our Therapists

Hand Therapy Hayes Hand Center is one of Chattanooga’s largest hand care centers with a focus on conditions associated with the hand, elbow and upper extremity. The surgeons and therapists at Hayes Hand Center work side by side to create a customized treatment plan for you to ensure the best possible outcomes. Our highly skilled […]

Dr. Jemison

D. MARSHALL JEMISON MD BOARD CERTIFIED It is my greatest desire to help those who are struggling with hand and upper extremity pain. I am honored to serve so many patients through Hayes Hand Center. Marshall Jemison, MD is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, and graduated with honors from Washington and Lee University. He subsequently […]


Replantation Each replantation case is unique as multiple structures are involved. Close communication between your hand surgeon and therapist is key for the success of your replantation. Successful replantations depend upon many factors, and these help the hand surgeon decide whether to attempt replantation. The importance of the severed digit helps the surgeon and patient […]

Tendon Injuries

Tendon Injuries Tendons typically lie just under the skin (particularly in the hand) and even a small cut may sever a tendon causing severe injury. Two types of tendons found in the hand include the extensor tendons, found on the back of the hand and wrist, and work to straighten (extend) the fingers, thumb and […]

Crush Injuries

Crush Injuries Crush injuries of the hands and fingers can be very serious, even life threatening. To complicate diagnosis and treatment, some crush injuries leave few external wounds, and damage to the internal tissues may take several days to develop. SYMPTOMS OF CRUSH INJURIES Crush injuries to the hands or fingers can include fractures and […]

Nerve Repair

Nerve Repair SYMPTOMS OF NERVE DAMAGE When the nerves of the hand and arm are injured common symptoms can include a loss of muscle control, strength and sensation. If left untreated, these muscles can atrophy, or weaken, to the point of being non-functional. Nerve damage can also result in pain and weakness in the hand […]

Mallet Finger

Mallet Finger Mallet finger is an injury to the thin tendon that straightens the end joint of a finger or thumb resulting in the inability to straighten the tip of your finger or thumb on your own. SYMPTOMS OF MALLET FINGER The most common and visible symptom of mallet finger is the inability to straighten […]

Fractures and Dislocations

Fractures & Dislocations Fractures and dislocations can vary greatly depending on how the injury occurred and how severe the injury is. Fractures involve a break in the bone while dislocations involve a force that causes a separation of the two bones connected by a joint. A dislocation may or may not include a fracture depending […]

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